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Competition test 2018

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I Read the text carefully and choose the correct answer:
         English is generally agreed to be the richest of the world's 3000 languages. The 12-volume Oxford English Dictionary (OED) lists 414 825 words,  about 200 000 are  current use.
         Three whole days  to read the OED aloud from A to Z. It would take almost as long again to recite the 300 000 technical terms which English 
          English is so superior in that respect that  other languages can match such word power. Chinese may come close -  no one has counted it satisfactorily.
           English is also the second most  language. It is the mother tongue of 320 . English owes   large vocabulary to the fact that, unlike many other languages, it has the capacity 
II Choose the correct answer:
1. At the age of thirty, Sarah was illiterate   no formal education as a child.
2. Did Maggie  when she was little?
3. It was only when he  home that he realised he  his phone at the bar.
4. He  the crime. He is the only one whose fingertips were in the victim's flat.
5. She suffered  a serious illness and needed someone to look  her.
III  Complete the text by putting the verbs in brackets in the correct tense:
              The first ever scheduled flight to the remote island of St Helena (land) safely. The plane  (arrive) at Saint Helena Airport last Saturday with 68 passengers on board. People were very excited. One passenger, a British travel operator,  (come) all the way from Scotland to Johannesburg in South Africa to be on that flight. She said: "I never thought I  (see) that day. If the new airport  (not exist), man tourist from Great Britain  (choose) to travel elsewhere.
             This first flight marks a new era for the island which is in the middle of the South Atlantic. The people of St Helena hope that the airport  (attract) many new visitors. However, the British media said it was "the most useless airport in the world". It  (build) last year with $380 million of British taxpayers' money - $ 80 000 for every person on the island. Governor, Lisa Phillips, dismissed the criticism from the British media and  (add): "I am getting really excited about the new chapter in St Helena's history."
IV  Complete the text about Bob Marley. Write ONE word for each space.
      The first letter is given to you.
            Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley is the g ever reggae singer. His live pwere legendary for their passion and energy. Marley's album "Exodus" was voted by "Time" magazine as the best of the 20th c.
            Marley was born in 1945 in a small v in Jamaica to a white father and black mother. He was b by his classmates because of his mixed-race background, which strongly influenced his songwriting. He left school at the a of 14 to become a professional m. He met the members of his future b, The Wailers, at a jam session. It took several years before they become f.
V  Complete the sentences with the most suitable form of the word in the brackets:
1. He hopes that his new   (INVENT) will help reduce (POOR) in Africa.
2. Mia (ARGUMENT) with the referee last Saturday because she thought that his  (DECIDE) was (FAIR).
3. Mark Twain is one of the most (SUCCESS) American (WRITE) of all time.