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10 Perks a Business Can Offer Their Employees

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10 Perks a Business Can Offer Their Employees
 Listen and answer.
Listen to Mario Peshev from Devrix talk about some perks or benefits a company can offer their employees.
1.According to Mario, is it easy for a small business to compete against a large company? Yes    No   He doesn't say. 
2. What is the first perk? Flexible 
3. What are some community activities (mentioned in the video) a business can offer their employees? Tick all that apply.
 a) organize competitions     b) organize staff picnics      c) have a drink together       d) do charity events     e) have meetings     
4. What is perk number three? 
5. What perk can small and large business offer their employees? They can offer . (One word)
6. What things can a company do to improve employees' qualifications according to Mario? Choose all that apply.
a) staff meetings   b) workshops    c) invite experts    d) have parties    e) send employees to a conference     d) hire experts 
7. The fifth perk is to make challenges exciting. Yes   No 
8. What do you think Mario means by "An employee can tap into the network of the CEO" of a small organization?
9. What's perk number seven? 
10. Does Mario think it's difficult for a small team to innovate? Yes    No   He doesn't say. 
11. Can a large company innovate easier than a small one?  Yes    No     He doesn't say.  
12. What is perk number nine? 
13. Name 2 types of corporate swag mentioned in the video.  and