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Business English: Typical phrases, verbs, prepositions, articles

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Macy: Please sign into your email to see the agenda for today’s meeting

Paul: Macy, a problem with Christa’s login and she cannot download the app. working with Apple on correcting this bug in her login and assures me be up and running by tomorrow when to use it for her inventory.

Macy: Thanks for the update Paul.

Cassie: The new technology is wonderful. been great that everything is working continuously. I leave my desktop and pick up right on either my phone or table is great. I need to be careful to not .

Paul: Yeah, I know. very easy to keep working with everything working seamlessly now.

Macy: I agree. Mr. Johanson promised make our work easier and these new devices have made it very easy to do so. And, that being said, Cassie, how is the in-house inventory and shipment delivery going?

Cassie: Well everything is great. The team is working very well. Everyone likes Victor and very valuable to the team. He actually used to use a data mining software SPSS Modeler and I looked into it. It looks like provide  a lot of data to us and actually know why Paul’s January report shows why the Europeans like the cinnamon elixir. Regardless of that information, I also found another one, Rapid Miner. So I sent them over to Paul’s team to do some research and decide which one best fit. The information on inventory has a correlation to product stocking and we need to be able to monitor the cost of shipping.

Macy: Okay, Paul, I know you just got the information from Cassie, but just glancing at it what do you think?

Paul: Well, just at a glance, I can see this really help us. And as Cassie said, we need one that will work for both of us so we can monitor when to reduce warehouse space for items that have low sales. , effect will be lower shipping costs during certain periods throughout the year.

Macy: Does this software track fleet?

Paul: Yes. We have tracking and can monitor shipments up to 30 minutes of delivery.

Macy: Okay, that’s great to know. let Mr. Johanson know about this when we have our project manager’s meetings on Friday.

Cassie: Macy, Greg given you an update on how they are coming with the vendor procurements? I just want to be thrown a curve ball at the last minute and have to take on that task as well.

Macy: Yeah, I know. I want that either and been monitoring that too. So Greg has secured 2 vendors for additional export shipping. One in Miami and the other in Savannah, GA. Savannah upgraded their export/import system with new technology and marketing their new technology. So, at this point saying they can get products to our vendors yesterday.

Cassie: wonderful. I was a little nervous when I saw that in the email from Mr. Johanson that we might have to take on that task if Greg’s team meeting the mark.

Paul: Well, I need to get back to work ladies. Is this all for now.

Macy: Yes, and thank you for everything guys!