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Idiom Quiz - Food Idioms

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Idiom Quiz - Food

Instructions: Select the idiom that best represents the meaning of the phrase in bold.


The teacher said that the boy was (her favorite).
 polishing the apple   a piece of cake   out to lunch   the apple of her eye


The woman was (very calm) during the job interview.
 as cool as a cucumber    in the soup    full of beans    the cream of the crop
"It is not (something that appeals to me) but I will go to the art gallery with you if you want."
 my bread and butter   my duck soup   my cup of tea   my gravy train
Our boss told everyone that they could have a holiday next week but he later had to (retract what he had said) and cancel it.
 make his mouth water   eat his words   polish the apple   take it with a grain of salt
I explained (briefly) what my friend needed to know but he still was not satisfied.
 in a nutshell    out of the frying pan and into the fire    in the soup    as cool as a cucumber
I worked all summer and was able to (save) a lot of money to go back to school.
 butter up    egg on   take with a grain of salt   salt away
The woman is a very good worker and is definitely (being paid what she deserves).
 worth her salt    souped up    nutty as a fruitcake    a hot potato
Please do not (tell anyone) about my plans to get married next year.
 hit the sauce    get egg on your face    spill the beans    eat humble pie
The clerk is always trying to (flatter) his boss in order to get a raise.
 big cheese   butter up   bread and butter    egg on
The toys have been (selling very rapidly) since they were released last month.
 upsetting the applecart   selling like hotcakes   worth their salt   half-baked
I stopped to (chat) with an old friend on my way to work this morning.
 chew the fat   eat my words   cut the mustard   cry over spilled milk
My friend was told that he was not able to (succeed) and could not join the football team again this year.
 bring home the bacon   eat crow   stew in his own juice   cut the mustard
Our neighbor has a lot of stress and recently she has begun to (drink heavily).
 eat her words   have egg on her face    hit the sauce    upset the applecart
The man went (from something bad to something worse) when he got angry and quit his job.
 out of the frying pan and into the fire   as cool as a cucumber    to cry over spilled milk  f or peanuts
Passing the exam was (very easy) because I spent a lot of time studying last week.

 the cream of the crop    out to lunch    in the soup    a piece of cake