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Oral Exercise

Paul: Okay guys, the information about the data mining software. The team did a great job in extensive research and here’s what they found out. I think in order for us to get going with the new accounts that Mr. Johanson as acquired with Eighth Haven and Global Enterprises, we take a week to play with them both and then make a decision. , we must meet Mr. Johanson’s deadlines. We make him look good, we look even better.

Macy: Okay, Paul. What do you have for us?

Paul: Well, Rapid Miner allows us to input our own information to fit our specifically. Mr. Johanson said that Danny some apps specifically for our needs. Well, I checked with him to make sure that these two will work with us and this one does.

Cassie: That’s a plus. Macy, did you tell Mr. Johanson about these two software options?

Macy: Yes I did, and he was excited to see which one we would work with.

Paul: , he wants to make sure he’s able to login as admin to monitor everything.
Macy: the software allow Danny put it on all our devices?

Paul: Yes. If we get the subscription option we can put it on everything, including the . They have someone will collaborate with Danny to help us upload everything and train us on uses. And, speaking of training, this software has an option for us to choose, face-to-face, webinars or online independent training. that they are in the UK, we can go to their offices or they can come to us.

Macy: Well, that’s great. I’d like the training option because I'm sure Mr. Johanson us to use the software to its fullest potential.

Cassie: So, what about SPSS Monitor?

Paul: This one is great too, and it’s customizable as well, , Samantha could not gather any information about their training options. She called and left messages, CC’d me on the emails as well and no one has responded. , I’m not sure how supportive this company will be. I'm not sure else to call. , they only allow licenses on desktop applications only, unlike Rapid Monitor, we can upload to all our devices.

Cassie: Well, with the devices working seamlessly together, we remote into our desktops to use the app. But that is a big if.

Macy: Yeah, I agree Cassie. I don’t like that idea. Well, in , I think we lean more toward Rapid Monitor since they have a lot of support and more specifically, their software will work wonderful with our devices.

Paul: The team and I were thinking in that direction too, Macy. But I wanted to for you two to decide. Especially Cassie, since it will have to work for the both of us.

Cassie: I think we use Rapid Monitor as well. We don’t have time to beg someone to call back about this. Let’s just go with them and be done and get on with the .

Macy: Okay, then it’s decided. Rapid Monitor it is. Paul, will your team set up the trainings and let Cassie and myself know. I want to inform Mr. Johanson of the them as well, he want to be involved.

Paul: Sure, we’ll be in touch!