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Oral communication:

Macy: I’d like to welcome everyone here for the today. Mr. Johanson, we’re glad you are here today too.

Mr. Johanson:Thank you, Macie.

Macie: I’m going to to you Danny.

Danny: Thanks Macy. I’m glad all of you are here today, and especially Jason is with Rapid Minor via webcam. We really appreciate you meeting us at this time. I know 1:30 am in your part of the world, so again, thank you so for meeting us here today.

Jason: Thanks, Danny.

Danny: Okay, without further ado, get started, I’m turning it over to you, Jason.

Jason: Okay , I guess it be Good Afternoon, for you, there in Miami, right?

Danny: Yes, it is.

Jason: Okay, well I believe Danny has already uploaded software to all your devices. If you all go to your laptops. We’ll start there because , that’s where most of your work take place.

Victor: Jason, I have a question. you tell me which one of the icons we click on? Or, maybe Danny help me with that.

Danny: I’ll help you with that.

Jason: Okay, you open the icon and click on the green button on the top left corner of the screen. That open up the program.

Mr. Johanson: Wow, this is really nice. You can see everything now. I really like this. made this decision to choose Rapid Minor? This is really nice guys.

Macy: Paul’s team was the one did the research for this.

Paul: It was really more Victor did most of the research, Samantha and Foster pitched in. They wanted something to help them pull all the reports together into one place.

Mr. Johanson: So that’s I say thanks too. Thank you guys. We were , but this is really nice.

Cassie: Mr. Johnanson, it even a component for you to monitor the project, that we are all on point anyway.

Mr. Johanson: You are right Cassie. All of you work very hard.

Cassie: , we wanted a program that would be easy for you to navigate as well as us.

Mr. Johanson: Well, I’m going to tell you right now, I not be signing in everyday.

Macy: When you do, you’ll see the progress.

Foster: Can someone help me with this report ? Am I supposed to be able to see only part of the report?

Jason: It depends, you must have hit the minimize button on the report. Foster, go to the red button, it open everything you are looking for now.

Foster: Yes, thanks.

Paul: Foster, you really to go over to the left coloum, I think that’s where you will be getting most of your informaion from.

….Ending the meeting

Danny: Thank you Jason for this training. We really appreciate your with us.

Macy: How many of you to have another training within a couple of weeks? We can schedule that with Jason now if possible.

Danny: Yeah, that’s a good idea,.  

Jason, We can schedule now or schedule later this week. If you want me, it have to be later this week. I have another meeting and will need to solidify that meeting time.

Danny: I think we’ll within the next week, okay Jason?

Jason: That be perfect. Talk to you guys later.



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