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Because, however, or, but, and, so, unless, although/even though, despite, and yet: Conjunctions and Connectors (2 pages, plus KEY)
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Age: 10-17
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Level: elementary
Age: 12-14
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Purpose Clauses (so/so that, to/in order to/so as to)
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More Practice on Paraphrasing for Upper Intermediate Students
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Agree and Disagree 
 First step
Watch the video and learn about agreement and disagreement
ok, when you´re ready start with the exercises 
Complete the sentences with so, too, neither or either and the proper auxiar
1. Juan doesn´t have a dog andAndres

2. Maria has a big house andMiguel
3. Pablo likes to play football and steve 
4. Juan has to go to the school andAna
5. Maria doesn´t like the animals and Cristina 
6. Andrea is doing her homework and David
7. I don´t like the homeworks andAlejandro
8. Isabela likes to eat potatoes and maria
9. Jony doesn´t like the cheese and Juan
Complete the sentences based on the chart
  Kevin John 
 is tallyes  yes
 has black hairyesno
 has blue eyesnono
 is smartyes yes
 practice sportsnoyes
 loves carsno  no
 loves socer yesyes
 loves motorcyclesyesno
 loves animalsyesyes
 loves the cold waternoyes

Kevin is tall and 

Kevin has black hair, 

Kevin hasn´t blue eyes and

Kevin is smart

Kevin doesn´t practice sports,  

Kevin doesn´t loves cars and

Kevin loves soccer 

Kevin loves motorcycles, 

Kevin loves animals 

Kevin doesn´t love the cold water, 

Complete the sentences with agreement or disagreement 

 Maria like the pineaples (agree)

 Cristina has a cat (disagree)

 Sonia like the animals(agree)

 Shawn doesn´t like the snow(agree)

 Fred has a dog(disagree)

 Andrea is very smart(disagree)

 Juan is very tall (agree)

 John has blue eyes (disagree)

 Miguel always arrive late(disagree)

 Ana has black hair(agree)

Based on the video complete the sentences


1. We will not destroy your planet, but will we provide you with our recipe for immortality

2. You know how it´s break ups, No, I  and  do you

3. I don´t belive it, 

4. I´m so confused, well,

5. I shower twice a day and wash my hands as often as I can, really?

6. Jake is a nice boy, 

7. You don´t work here. Yes,well, apparently  does anyone else

8. When my father finds out, he won´t be happy.  will mine

9. You look very nice. Thank you. 






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