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Confusing words – part 48



The world of the opera will be at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

It's what Google needs in order to remain the search engine.

The film based on the first book of the series - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone – will next week.

The Prime Minister will also discuss this with the Chinese during his forthcoming visit to the UK.



She on the table to get everyone's attention.

Once , the gross weight of the package is 2 kg.

The behaviour of animals in captivity was explained, as the students listened in attention.

Certain banks are to be for delaying interest rate cuts.

She sat with a expression reading her book.

She was shaking even though she was up in a thick long coat in the middle of summer.



During the trip, they had grown , quarrelsome, and hungry.

He's a type - he never stays in one country for long.

She spent a night, tossing and turning.

The audience was becoming as they waited for the performance to begin.



Wheat, barley, rice, , oats, millet and corn are the world's top food crops.

The play is a rueful, observation about the way we are all subject to the ravages of time.

Good old boys drink whisky and , but what's the tipple of a famous drag queen?

It's funny to have a heartbeat’ he commented, his face twisting into one of humour.



She with relief when she hears sirens wailing in the distance.

My foot swelled up to three times the normal when it was stung by a wasp.

The wind in the trees, shushing me to sleep.

You could almost hear the disappointed echoing around the audience.

"So you mean you won't come to the party with me?" "Yes, that's about the of it."



Carry on along a cut path through long grass and, just before Hole House, take a step over the wall, now on your left.

This painting perfectly exemplifies the naturalistic that was so popular at the time.

She then proceeded to brush and her hair with a little mousse to prevent it from becoming too frizzy.

Climb a fence at the top of the ridge and the summit of Sour Howes lies ahead.

That car's got real , which is no surprise considering how much it cost.



Though very good as individuals, they never achieved true greatness until one up with the other.

The streets of Saigon with people, noises, and smells like no other city in Asia.

She's part of a of scientists who are engaged on cancer research.

The rain down her face but she seemed not to care and her soaked clothes stuck to her body.



The driver kicked his car in frustration while waiting for the truck, injuring his toe.

If you want to get ahead, you’d better learn to the line.

When my car broke down, a police car gave me a to the nearest garage.

Ministers who wouldn't the party line were swiftly got rid of.

She arrived at the party, with a tall, silver-haired man in .



There are many colas on the market now, all on the original drink.

There has been some unusual in temperature this month.

There are four of malaria, all transmitted to humans by a particular family of mosquitoes.

Young people's reactions to world events are often at with those of their parents.



She suddenly and looked directly at me.

I have never had any general fight training, so each time I have to a weapon I start from scratch.

Halfway through the talk someone in a trolley laden with drinks.

How will the new editors their enormous influence on the local book world?

A light aircraft in a window of blue sky, then disappeared and tranquillity returned.






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