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Confusing words – part 49



In to his apartment in Manhattan, he has a villa in Italy and a castle in Scotland.

The regional of the paper contain specific information for that area.

Most working environments are improved by the of a few plants and pictures.

This morning's of 'Women's Hour' is at the earlier time of a quarter to ten.

The test involves simple calculations, such as and subtraction.

The book, published in an of 6,000 copies on 19 December, sold out in a few days.



artists find it impossible to make a living from art alone.

A car suddenly appeared from nowhere and made me fall off my pony.

In this school, of the children are from the Chinese community.

Tom attended of the monthly fairs in Belmullet and days had a few ponies for sale.

Her paintings are photographic in their detail and accuracy.



I stood at the front door and rang the several times.

There was also a southern there with what I presumed was her mother.

At the sound of the alarm , the customers all ran wildly for the doors.

Look at Teri for example, beautiful in her prime but now, no longer a .



I my camera from a friend of mine.

I him some sandwiches because I thought he might be hungry.

"Marvin's it!" screamed the sergeant.

The explosion the whole building crashing to the ground.

To tell you the truth, I into that as well - and boy were we wrong.

December some seasonable snow showers.

He about his company's collapse by his reckless spending.

These problems should have been to light much earlier.



These are personal decisions and the government should out, plain and simple.

The room has been painted not in the colour that I asked for.

Sid threw her onto the ground and stomped it out.

The cleaning is done now, all the floors. They still have to be washed.

They became the of a lot of late-night talk show jokes.

They would have been badly injured for the fact that they were wearing seat belts.



Hong Kong was to Britain after the Opium War.

Sow the about three centimetres deep.

From these early of their friendship, they grew into lifelong companions.

Wash, , and cut the pepper into small pieces.

If we extend it one more year, they'll have no choice but to lands to us in payment.



The old man his fist and waved it angrily at us.

I hear he finally the deal to buy the land he wanted.

With a knife between his teeth, he climbed up the tree to cut some coconuts.

When they said the job would involve travelling to Paris, that it for her.



Can you say it is safe for customers to use this right now to check their ranks?

All information supplied will be treated .

Carefully but , I step on the rocks that still emerge from the surf and climb back to the sandy beach.

, I am not sure that it wasn't above their heads.



The children in terror as the shoot-out erupted.

He despised himself for being such a .

She tried to be strong, to draw courage unto herself, but it failed her and she in fear.

They branded her a for informing on her colleagues during the interrogation.



She was wandering around in a this morning.

How did people communicate in the before email?

In a , he makes it back to the hotel, seemingly unaware of the previous events.

When you're a nurse, cleaning up vomit is all in a work.

I should just go home to bed, because I can tell it's going to be one of those .






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