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Relative clause

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Relative Clauses
A relative sentence defines an extra information about a person, animal or thing about whom one speaks.
 Defining Subject Object
PeopleWho/That (Quien/El cual/Que)Who/Whom /That (Quien/ El cual/Que) 
Animals/ThingWhich/That (Que)Which/That (Que)
TimeWhen (cuando) can be omitted and replaced by ThatI remember the day (when/that)
they had the accident
ReasonWhy (Por que)The reason (why) I can't, I meet you
tonight is that i'm working overtime
PlaceWhere (Donde)That's the house where I used to live 
PosesionWhose (Cuyo)This is the man whose son I met in a bar
A. Relative pronouns as subjects.
-I like people they aren't too serious.
 I like people who aren't too serious.
-I like people. They have a good sense of humor.
 I like people that have a good sense of humor.
B. Relative pronouns as objects
-I'd prefer some. I can talk to him easily.
I'd prefer someone who i can talk to easily.
-I'd prefer someone. I have something in common with him.
I'd prefer someone that I have something in common with.
1. Complete the sentences by using who or which.
- It is the best bike  I know.
-The girl  came yesterday is my girlfriend.
-This is the boy  like me.
-This is the book  enjoy me.
-This is the car  I bought.
-The book  I read is very interesting.
2. Indicates if the sentences is correct or incorrect.
 -This is cinema which my aunt recommended, it is very good to show movies. 
-The dog, which is loose, is called fred. 
-Sara's sister, who studies nursing, get good grades. 
-My cat, who is beautiful, is eating. 
-The beach, which it's warm, is in florida. 
-My brother, who live in Miami, has 25 years old. 
3. Fill the text with the cirrect relative clauses.
Andrew loves the school  he studies, but his school is not such a big one. He also loves the asignatures  is teached in  he studies. The note  is red and is his english's notebook is his favourite one. And the teacher  teaches english is like his best friend.