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Confusing words – part 50



He failed again, but to give him his , he did try hard.

In fact, we used to get up extra early just to capture that .

From here, you go east until you get to the Interstate.

There was to be heavy on the ground in the morning, so they brought in their toys so that they wouldn’t get wet.



Mars is sometimes called the Red Planet because of its colour.

There are two factions within the one political party.

One feature, however, is the option of a tutorial service by post.

The band's sound is a mixture of funk and rap.

The two concepts are quite from each other.


E.G. / ETC. / I.E.

The hotel is closed during low season, from October to March.

You should eat more food that contains a lot of fibre, fruit, vegetables, and bread.

For all churches decorous dress is required, no shorts, bare shoulders,

You often write a slash between alternatives, "and/or".

Pigment is mixed into oil, glue, egg, to make different types of paint.



Privately, court officials admit they are becoming increasingly by the very system they serve.

Vicky, Alex's wealthy sister, the situation by offering Neil money.

How can the war continue, they ask, if it's the problem it was meant to solve?

There are no more things that a neighbour can do than play dance music very loud.



The streets are dirty mush, black is on the road and sidewalks are slippery.

The and even sprouting potatoes are safe to use but they may not keep well.

When you get a build-up of in your freezer, you know it's time to defrost it.

I have not written you because first I have been up to my with work.

Ghostly pale white, blue, and even blood red all gleamed hungrily at me.



We're really struggling to enough money to pay the rent.

Drivers who exceed the speed limit can expect to be heavily.

We fell asleep on the train and woke up to ourselves in Calais.

I was worried but couldn't it in my heart to ask him not to go.

The driver was for not being able to his license and registration.



Some of the most famous animals in danger are tigers, rhinoceroses, and .

A small band of has blown up a train in the mountains.

Here's a great idea...we'll team an attractive, smart, considerate wife with a fat, obnoxious, of a husband... people will never see this coming!

Rebel would be tracked, then intercepted before reaching their targets.



Great acts of courage happen every day, but heroes and often go unrecognised.

is obtained from morphine and is extremely addictive.

And I just saw something about a new comic with a called Aphrodite.

He was arrested at the airport with a kilo of secreted in his clothing.



People come to our office for help, for a gift that might transform their lives.

I started from one foot to the other, it couldn't get any worse. could it?

Similarly, if you observe birds around on the ground, you are not going to think ‘warblers.’

We didn't understand very much but we were for a new life and a new country.



I finish on time, I will let you know.

I am ready, I will let you know.

What did you do he kissed you?

What would you do I kissed you now?

It would be great you could have that finished today.

you are finished, you can email it to her.

She’s meeting me the train gets in.

We’ll be lucky the train gets in on time.






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