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Subjects and verb to be

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AM, IS or ARE? Complete the sentences. 

1 Helen  in the garden.

We  in Montevideo.

This message for you.

I  your teacher.

She  my best friend.

He  in the park.

They  in Spain..

Our doctor great!

This jumper is   Tony's.

10      You  at the cinema.

VOCABULARY Complete with the correct subject


1. You need to speak, write and talk words like HELLO, BYE, MY NAME IS... 
2. You need to know about numbers, geometry, estadistics, etc. 
3. You study about Uruguay, Artigas and another heroes
4. You go to the laboratory.
5. You paint, draw and use colours.
6. You watch the moon, the sun and planets. 
  Good luck! 
                                        Your teacher Flavia