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Passive voice

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Passive Voice
 A. Write these sencentes in the passive voice
1. I make a lemonade.
2. They are watching a movie.
3. Someone has seen my shirt.
4. Shawn has been playing soccer.
5. My cousin will take me to the University.
6. Jin organizes the party.
B. Listen the audio and select the correct option
1. Cedric Diggory  by Lord Voldemort.
2. I can't let you out, Hedwig.  to use magic outside of school.  
3. Hogwarts  to host a legendary event.
4. What exactly happened to him?
He was  to Azkaban.
5. Don't drink it, Ron.
You could   for that.
6. Give me Harry Potter, and you . You have one hour.
C. Select the verb in the correct verb tense, then relate the images with the sentences by writing the number  of the sentence in the spaces.
  The video isn't  by Marcela.
 "Treasure" is  by Bruno Mars.
 The picture is being  by Cristian.
  The breakfast has been  by my Grandmother.
 My bag was .
 The laces was  by the cat.
 The exams will be  by the student.
 The tangerines have been .
 The milk will be  by the cat.
 The task is  by Laura in her book.
                  1                      2                      3                   4                    5            
                 6                       7                      8                     9                    10
 D. Find the corresponding verbs in the letter soup to complete the passive sentences

 1. The house was  by engineer. 
 2. The houses are  by the builder.
 3. Today lunch isn't well 
 4. The history maravillas negras was  by Laura.
 5. The doctor was  in the Street.
 6. The letter hasn't  been  by my father.
 7. The girl is  by her father every day.
 8. The cell phone was   by George.
 9. The dress was  by my grandfather.
 10. She was  in 1978.