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A) This is Matt's bedroom, answer the questions about Matt
1)  Has he got a pencil?       2) Has he got a computer?        3) Has he got a pencil sharpener?               
4) Has he got books?             5) Has he got a cupboard?        6) Has he got a speaker? 
7) Has he got a chair?          8) Has he got a desk?                9)  Has he got a window? 

B) Look at the picture and choose the correct option
a) Michael a dog.             f) He a computer.
b) He a camera.                g) He any speakers.
c) He a microphone.          h) Michael a car.
d) He a bird.                     i) He a house.
e) Michael a mouse.
 C) Complete the sentences with: HAVE GOT, HAS GOT, HAVEN'T GOT or HASN'T GOT.
1) Lucia and Pablo  a big house. ()
2) Marcos a new computer. (X)
3) The computer   a virus. ()
4) The UTU   a lot of rooms. (X)
5) They    books. ()
6) We    a small map in thr classroom. ()
7) You  a pencil sharpener. (X)
8) I    a car. ()
9) He  a ruler. (X
10) She    a pet. (X)
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