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Upstream Intermediate Unit 5 p.71

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Write: anxious, immune, prone, in harmony, altered, clumsy, fatigue, depressed , round-the-clock, alertness, deprived, in tune with, outsmart, crack of dawn, heart disease.

1)Paula always felt when she had to serve food to people(=akward).

2)We woke up at the.

3) Hospitals can provide us withmedical care.

4)His made it impossible to catch him.

5)A lot of these children have beenof a normal home life.

6)The city centre has beyond recognition (=changed very much).

7)The industry is changingchanging demand.

8)Mysystem is not as strong as it ought to be.

9)The older kids the young ones when trading cards.

10)He's suffering from physical and mental , he’s very tired.

11)He's always been accident(likely to have an accident).

12)We had an couple of weeks waiting for the test results.

13) The divorce left him deeply .

14)Your suggestions are notwith the aims of this project.

15) Fat control is still very important for reducing risks for, some cancers and obesity.