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quiz about the UK
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1. Where is London situated ?       in the south west             in the south east of England
2. Which of these countries is not part of the United Kingdom ?
                   Scotland           The Republic of Ireland         Wales         England
3. Which of the following is the emblem of Scotland ?
     the daffodil             the shamrock         the thistle        the rose      
4. Which sea or ocean borders England in the South ?
                  the Atlantic Ocean            the Channel            the Irish Sea
5. In which of these cities was William Shakespeare born ?
                  Oxford            Plymouth          Stratford-upon-Avon      Bath
6. What is the name of this monument you can see in London ?    
7. What is the capital city of Scotland ?Write the name in the box  
8. Which of the following is not typical of a full English breakfast ?
         bacon and eggs         cereal and milk     maple syrup on toast      black pudding
9. Which of these English writers created the character of Oliver Twist ?
         Jane Austen             Daphne du Maurier           Charles Dickens
10. What is the other name of Northern Ireland ?   Eire           Ulster
11. What is the name of the flag of the United Kingdom ?
          the United Flag            the Union Jack
12. Which of the following cheeses is not British ?    cheddar     brie       Stilton
13. Who was the first King of England ?
       William the Conqueror         Henry I             James I
14. I became a hero after my death at the Battle of Trafalgar  fighting the French. Who am I ?
        Napoleon                   Horatio Nelson            the Duke of Wellington
15. Which sport can you play in Saint Andrews ?        golf         rugby        football
16. Which river runs through London ?   River Avon          River Cam          River Thames
17. Which of these airports is not in England ?   Heathrow        La Guardia         Gatwick
18.  How has this London monument been nicknamed ?
                     the cucumber            the gherkin          the zucchini
19. In front of which London monument can you see the Changing of the Guard ?
          Buckingham Palace         The Houses of Parliament          Westminster Abbey
20. People and places crossword:


1. An English city famous for having two football teams
2. A famous Scottish lake
3. The city where The Beatles were born
4. An English city known for its prestigioug universities
5. The Scottish creator of Harry Potter
6. A town in the South West of England on River Exe
7. The Scottish castle of the Royal Family
8. One of the Queen's sons