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Active and passive voice exercise (2)

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Active and Passive Voice exercise (2)

Change the following passive sentences to active. If there is no master of the action, supply a resonable one such as people or they. The example is done for you.
Example: The man was arrested for shoplifting.
????? They arrested the man for shoplifting.
1. An ancient ship was discovered in the deep sea.
2. Foxes were seen in the valley.
3. The house was searched by the police.
4. New shares are issued by the company to raise funds.
5. The government was urged to reduce tax rates.
6. He has been admitted by the university.
7. A lot of people have been rescued from the building house by the fireman.
8. Great hardships have been caused to him by the disease.
9. My letter has been opened by someone.
10. A registered letter was sent to him by the law firm.