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Unit 1 english 6 (continued)

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 Unit 1- English 6...

1. Put a word from the box in each gap to complete the following passage.

likes cycling goes reads listening

have collecting cooks enjoys gets

My family has six people. We (1) different hobbies. My grandfather (2)  reading newspapers. He (3)  newspapers every morning after breakfast. My grandmother doesn’t like reading them. She (4)  to the market near my house every morning. She buys a lot of food. She (5)  very well. Oh, I love all her food. My father likes (6)  . He (7)  up early and cycles around the West Lake all the year round. My mother doesn’t like this sport. She (8)  walking. She walks about four or five kilometers every morning. My brother doesn’t like any sports. He likes (9)  to music and playing drums. He is a member of the Green Band. It is a well-known band in my country.

I don’t like reading, cooking or playing sports. I love (10)  things, such as stamps and coins.

2. Read the conversation and answer the questions.

Hoa: What’s your favorite hobby, Minh?

Minh: Well, it’s drawing.

Hoa: How many paintings do you draw?

Minh: Er... I don't remember. It’ s around 100.

Hoa: Is your painting on the wall?

Minh: Yes, it is. It’s one of my favorite ones.

Hoa: How nice it is! I love the colors in your picture.

Minh: Thanks. And what’s your hobby, Hoa?

Hoa: Er, ... I can’t draw. But my hobby is collecting pictures and paintings.

Minh: Really? I will give you one.

Hoa: Thank you.


1. Does Minh like drawing?

 Yes,  .

2. How many paintings does he draw?

He  around  .

3. Is there any painting on the wall?

Yes,  .

4. What is the painting like?

 It .

5. What’s Hoa’s hobby?

Her hobby  .

3. Choose the correct word A, B or C for each gap to complete the following passage.

Hi. My name’s Mai. I am a student (1) __________ a secondary school in Lang Son. My friends often say I have an unusual hobby.

I have a little notebook. I always have it (2) __________ me. I try to fill (3) __________ one page a day. Can you guess (4) __________ I fill in each page of my notebook? Well, it is English (5) __________. Sometimes I put words in (6) __________, like fruit - all kind of fruits, you know? Or color, or clothes, or things and the shops where you (7) __________ them. I have (8) __________ grammar pages where I write irregular verbs, or a page (9) __________ prepositions. I think prepositions are difficult, you know – on Sunday, in the morning, listen to a concert - but you say phone someone. In Vietnamese, we say phone to someone. Do you think my hobby is unusual? Do you have any favorite hobby? Please (10) __________ it with me!

1.   A. in         B.  at                  C. on

2.   A. with      B. of                   C. along

3.   A. on         B. with               C. X

4.   A. which     B. what             C. when

5.   A. letters     B. words            C. lines

6.   A. groups      B. pairs           C. meanings

7.   A. buying       B. buy              C. classroom

8.   A. any            B. some           C. a

9.   A. of               B. for              C. in

10.   A. tell            B. talk             C. share


1. Make up sentences using the words and phrases given.

Example: I / like / collect / glass bottles /.

à I like collecting glass bottles.

1. I / not / know / why / she / collect / pens /.

 I do  .

2. In / future / I / travel / around / Viet Nam /.

In  , I  .

3. Minh / think / skating / more / interesting / playing / board games /.

Minh  skating  .

4. Listen / music / in / free / time / is / my / favorite / hobby /.

Listening  my  .

5. My / sister / and / I / share / same / hobby / . / We / often / go / fish / weekends /.

 My sister  . We  .