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Test 1a English 7

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I. Choose the best answer .(3.0 ms)

1.It is interesting _____________ tree leaves from different countries.

 A. collecting   B. to collect    C. collect    D. collects

2.My dad enjoys ________ his bike to work.

 A. to ride  B. ride   C. rides    D. riding 

3.I love cooking, _________ my sister doesn’t.

 A. because      B. so       C. but       D. and

4.Laughing is good _______ your health.

 A. for  B. to    C. with       D. of

5.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced /3:/

 A. dear     B. pear     C. earn       D. heart

 I find carve eggshells boring because it takes a lot of time to complete one shell.

             A             B                C                   D 

II. Put the verbs in the correct form. (4.0 ms)

11.. I enjoy (fish) because it (be) relaxing.

22.. Jane will play chess after she (finish)  school.

33. What   your mother often (do) at weekends?

44. I think, in the future people (not play)  individual games.

55. We find (arrange) flowers interesting because it (help)  us relax.

66. I (not collect)  dolls when I grow up.

III. Complete the passage with the words given.(3.0 ms)

bought competition singing there on English

Mary’s hobby is singing. She enjoys (1) very much. When her  brother (2)  a karaoke set last month, Mary was so glad that she sang every  day after dinner. She likes to sing only (3)  songs. In fact, she has already sung all the songs found (4) the karaoke discs. Minh is singing in thekaraoke (5) organized by the RC Center this Saturday. Her family is going (6) to support her.