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Unit 3 english 7 (continued)

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A.                               READING

1. Put a word from the box in each gap to complete the following passage.











2. Read the conversation and answer the questions.

In the United States, almost everyone, at one time or another, has been a (1) . According to -------- US government statistics, about one-fifth of the American (2)  does volunteer work each year. Americans have had the tradition of volunteering and (3)  one another since the early days of the country. Americans volunteer not because they are forced or paid to (4)  it. They (5)  it! Traditional volunteer activities include (6)  money for people in need, cooking and (7)  food, doing general labour (such as clean-up (8)  and home repair), providing transportation ( such as giving rides to the (9) ), and tutoring/ (10)  young people.


Have you ever done volunteer work, Minh?


Yes. I take part in a programme that helps disabled children.


Really? What do you do there?


Every Sunday, I go to the center and teach the children how to draw. You know the children there like drawing very much.


Wonderful. What else do you do?


All the members in the programme try their best to help the children there. Some of us bath the children, some clean the house, some teach them how to cook, make cakes, some teach them English, singing and dancing. All children there enjoy learning new things.


Do you often give them toys, books or clothes?


Sometimes. We’ve asked people to donate books and clothes to children. And I also raise money by selling my pictures.


Oh, drawing is not only your hobby but also a volunteer work.


Right! Would you like to join us?


Yes. I’d love to.


1. Has Minh ever done volunteer work?


2. What programme does he take part in?

3. What does he do to help the children on Sunday?

4. What do other members in the programme do?

  Some of them bath the children,

5. What do the disabled children enjoy?

 All children there 

3. Choose the correct word A, B or C for each gap to complete the following passage.

(1)______ January 17th, 1995, a powerful earthquake hit the city of Kobe, Japan. Many buildings (2) ________ or collapsed.

Soon after the earthquake, people in Kobe (3) _______ working together to save their city. Neighbours pulled each other out (4) _______ collapsed buildings. Ordinary people (5) ______ out fires even before the fire trucks arrived. Volunteers in Kobe organized themselves into (6) ________. They worked out a system to send (7) _________ to where it was needed. Some people (8) __________ food, water, clothes to different part of city. Some volunteers took (9) ________ of children who had lost their parents. Teams of volunteers from outside Japan helped, too.

Today, Kobe has been built. But people there still remember the outpouring of support they (10) ________ from all over the world back in 1995.

1. A. In

B. At

C. On


2. A. burn

B. burned

C. burning


3. A. to begin

B. begin

C. began


4. A. of

B. on

C. with


5. A. to put

B. put

C. puts


6. A. teams

B. pair

C. group


7. A. help

B. helping

C. to help


8. A. bring

B. brings

C. brought


9. A. part

B. care

C. note


10. A. receive

B. received

C. has received



1. Make up sentences using the words and phrases given.

Example: what/you/know/about/community/service?

è What do you know about community service?

12. Last / summer / I / provide / English / evening / classes / for/ twenty / children/.


3. Go Green / non-profit / organization / that / protect / environment/.


4. You / a volunteer / if / you / help/ other/ people / willingly/ and / without / payment/.

You will 

5. My mother / often / donate / money / charitable / organisations/.


2. Can you correct the tense in these sentences?

1. We clean the beach last Sunday.


2. I didn’t see her for two weeks.


3. Do you do your homework yet?


4. I have collected coins when I was a little boy.


5. I see a real elephant when I went to Ban Don last year.