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boi duong hoc sinh gioi lop 8-test 1

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I. Choose one of  word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1.   A. Christmas           B. character             C. school                                     D. church 
2.    A.  traveled             B. surprised                C. worked                               D. climbed
3.     A. tour                     B. pour                          C. your                                   D. course
4.    A. towel                  B. down                        C. window                              D. flower
5.   A. cook                    B. food                           C. too                                     D. pool
II. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.
1. His handwriting is terrible. It’s not easy at all  ….........what he writes.
        A.    to see                          B.    to read               C.    reading             D. seeing
2. The city is  ……………….on the shore of Lake Michigan.
       A. visited                                    B. lied                             C. laying                 D. located
3. Kim Tan town is……………….. busier.
       A. becoming            B. doing                   C. making                   D. having
4. The Smiths never go out in the evening, ……………….?
        A. do they              B. don’t they                  C. doesn’t he                  D. does he
5. Ba is strong enough…………….. his father with the work on the farm.
        A. helping                        B. help                           C. helps                         D. to help
6. Last week my child  …………… to the biggest zoo in town by my wife.
        A. took                                       B. were taken         C. went                        D. has gone
7. I tried my. ……………not to laugh, but I couldn’t.
        A. good                           B. well                            C. best                           D. better
8. Are you proud…………….your country and its tradition ?
       A. about                           B. on                        C. of                            D. for
9. I want to ask my parents ................... some money.
        A. from                            B. for                        C. with                       D. about
10. You are very different ........................ your brother.
        A. to                                B. for                        C. with                       D. from
11. I am better ........................  English than Nam.

        A. than                            B. with                      C. at                          D. for

12. He seldom goes fishing, ...................?
        A. doesn't he                    B. is he                    C. does he                  D. isn't he
13. Heavy rains …….the plane for several hours
        A. stopped                      B. prevented                    C. delayed             D. kept
14. You must go to school ……the ages of 5 and 16. it is compulsory.
        A. from                                     B. over                           C. during                 D. between 
15. Sorry to keep you…………
        A. wait                              B. waiting               C. to wait                   D. waited
III. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets .
1. I‘ve decided (stop) smoking.
2. I (visit) Singapore two years ago.
3. Look at those black clouds. It (rain) .
4. We are tired of (work) for low salary.
5. This is the second time you (break)   a cup.
6. (you/do)   the homework yet?
7. Mai is in her room. She (play) the guitar.
8. The teacher said that we should ( not make )   noise in class.
9. Water ( cover) most of the Earth’s surface.
10. The gate   ( lock) at 6.30 p.m everyday.
IV. Read the passage and answer the questions.
         It was the first lesson after the summer holidays at a small school in England. The lesson was about the seasons of the year. “There are four seasons in the year,” said the teacher,
        “They are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In spring, it is warm and every thing begins to grow. In summer ,It is hot and there are many flowers in the fields and gardens. In autumn, there are many vegetables and much fruit. Everybody likes to eat fruit. In winter, It is cold and it often rains. Sometimes there is snow on the ground.”
        Here the teacher stopped and looked at one of the pupils “stop talking, Tom,”he said. “Now listen to me. Can you tell us when is the best time of apples?”
“Yes, sir,” answered Tom. “It is when the farmer is not at home and there is no dog in the garden.”
1. Where did the lesson take place?
2. What was the lesson about?
3. What did the teacher ask Tom to do?
4. What did the teacher asked the class to do?
5. Did the teacher say “Stop talking, Tom,”?
V. Write the correct form of the words given in capital letters to complete the following sentences.
1. Their  children have quite   characters.                                                  DIFFERENCE
2. My brother bought a new   rod yesterday.                                                  FISH
3. Mr. Jane runs his business very                                                                  SUCCESS
4.I like the city life because there are many kinds of                                ENTERTAIN
5. The scouts do the work.                                                                          VOLUNTEER
6. Is there anything on TV tonight?                                                         INTEREST
7. What is the correct of this word?                                                            PRONOUNCE
8. My uncle often spends his free time doing volunteer work at a local     ORPHAN
9. Relax for some minutes and you’ll feel more                                                 COMFORT
10. In electronics, we learn to repair   appliances.                                        HOUSE
VI. There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Find out and correct it.
1. He has waited there for a quarter past six.                                         (1)
2. Surface mail is many cheaper than air mail.                                      (2)
3. They do their best to keeping the family happy.                                (3)
4. The armchair is in the living room, among the television and sofa.   (4)
5. Tourists usually have a bus to the countryside.                                  (5)
VII. Fill in the blank with one suitable word.
        Charlie Chaplin was born in a very poor part of London. (1) father was a comedian and his mother worked (2) a dancer and a singer. Neither of them (3)   successful so the family (4) very little money. The first time he himself earned (5) by dancing and singing, he was only five years old. He did many kinds of jobs, but what he loved best was working (6) the theatre.
        When he (7) about fifteen, he joined a traveling theatre company and went on trips to America. On one such tour, (8) was offered a part in a film, so he went to Hollywood, where he eventually became both a famous actor (9) film director.
         He died in Switzerland in 1977, at the (10) of 88. There is now a statue of him in Leicester Square, London, the city of his birth and early up-bringing.
VIII. Fill in each blank with one suitable preposition.
1. It’s 2.5 kmmy school the movie theater.
2. I live Xuan Dieu street my grandparents
3. She is talking her students in the school yard.
4. My new house is different my old house.
5. My father is a farmer. He works   a farm.
6. Does your aunt work the central hospital? – Yes, she is a nurse there.
7. I’m always busy. I must work early morning until night.
8. Mr. Minh is a journalist. He writes Tuoi Tre newspaper.
9. This apartment is suitable my family.
10. I often help my parents the housework after school.
IX. Rewrite the following sentences so that the meanings stay the same.
1. She eats more chocolate than I.
I .
2. Vinh keeps forgetting his homework.
Vinh is .
3. Keeping the environment clean is very important.
It’s .
4. No one helped Lan to do the homework.
Lan .
5. It’s three years since I last spoke to her.
I haven’t .
6. Tam doesn’t type as fast as she used to.
Tam used .
7. How long is it since you used the car?
When ?
8. We started living here 15 years ago.
We have
9. Let’s meet inside the center at the cafe corner?
How ?
10. Nam is very strong, he can do heavy work.
Nam is strong .