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Modal Verbs: Rephrasing

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Rephrasing: Modal verbs 
Rewrite the sentences without changing their meaning: 
1. It’s possible that Jane will visit Switzerland next year.
      Jane  Switzerland next year.

2. You'd better see a dentist. 

      You  a dentist.  
3. James definitely isn’t eighteen yet!

      James  eighteen yet!

4. I’m sure that Mrs Smith didn’t leave home.

      Mrs Smith  home.

5. It isn't necessary for you to take a jacket

      You  a jacket
6. It wasn't necessary for you to take a jacket
      You  a jacket. 
7. Perhaps she’s gone to stay with her mother.

      She to stay with her mother.

8. It’s possible that Mr Smith committed a crime.

      Mr. Smith  a crime.

9. Do you know how to cook couscous?

10. I’m certain that he buried something in the garden.

      He something in the garden.

11. It's forbidden to park here.

      You  here.
      You are  here. 
12. Perhaps he won the lottery.

      He  the lottery.

13. He had permission to go to the party

      He   to the party
      He was  to the party.
14. He succeeded in getting the star's autograph.
      He  the star's autograph.
      He was  the star's autograph. 
15. Perhaps I'll win the lottery
      I  the lottery 
16. Perhaps Mrs Smith murdered her husband.

      Mr Smith  her husband.

17. I wish I had returned it to the shop.

      I  it to the shop.
18. I know that isn't my boss. She's on a business trip.

      She  my boss. She's on a business trip. 

19. Do you want me to wait here?
20.  How about going hiking this weekend?
          hiking this weekend? 
         Why  hiking this weekend?