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Embedded/ Indirect Questions

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Indirect or Embedded Questions
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Embedded - Indirect Questions Boardgame
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Choose the correct option:
  1. I don't remember ... where did I leave those papers.     where I left those papers.
  2. I'm not sure ...    what time the film starts.       what time does the film start.
  3. I need to know ...     when you were born.          when were you born.
  4. We must find out ...     why she didn't phone us.       why didn't she phone us
  5. Can you tell me ...     which T-shirt do you prefer?       which T-shirt you prefer?
  6. I wonder ...     if someone did tell her the news          if someone told her the news.
  7. You'll never guess...   who I met this morning          who did I meet this morning.
  8. I'd like to know...     how far the station is.        how far is the station.
  9. Do you happen to know ...   if they finally turned up?       if they did finally turn up?
  10.    It's difficult to find out...  when is he going to call.       when he is going to call.
Rewrite these questions starting with the words given:
  1. What does she want now?      ⇒ I wonder .
  2. Where do you live?      ⇒ I don't know .
  3. How much are these hats       ⇒ I'd like to know .
  4. Why did I answer the phone?  ⇒ Can anybody tell me ?
  5. Are there any free seats here?   ⇒ Would you be so kind as to tell me .
  6. How old is your father?       ⇒ I don't remember .
  7. Is there a bus station near here?    ⇒ Could you tell me 
  8. Did she like the present?       ⇒ Do you know ?
  9. Where is their house?     ⇒ I have no idea .
  10. What time is it?     ⇒ Does anybody know ?