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1. Write the letters in the correct order to make words. Then complete the sentences below with the words. 
   a. kocnk     b. lyawre    c. cmeri     d. gte   mdreari     e. utynid 
   1. He needs a  to defend him in court.
   2. Last night, there was a loud  at the door.
   3. The room was dirty and .
   4. The couple will   in church on Saturday.
   5. A police officer's job is to fight .
2. Read the sentences about the King of Bohemia and choose True or False.
     - He wants to start a scandal. 
     - He doesn't want to marry Irene Adler.  
     - He wants to return something to Irene. 
     - He knows Irene's address. 
     - He is going to get married soon. 
3. Choose the INCORRECT answer.
   1. Sherlock Holmes ...                                                                                             3. Irene Adler's letter .... 
   2. The men in the street started a fight ...                                                                4. Irene Adler ....