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Fairy tale for little ones

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Visit the link and listen to the fairy tale, then do the exercise :)  
The Unique Unicorn  
Put a tick under the correct answer. Don't put ticks under the wrong ones.
  1. Eve was
                   a camel                                       a kangaroo                   a unicorn

       2.  Eve grew up together with

              horses                                    unicorns                                                                        dogs
 3 .  Eve's skin was
             blue                                            white                                                              colourful
 4.  Eve's hair was
              yellow                                        grey                                                                  colourful
 5. Eve lived
               in a stable                                            in a town                               on the meadow
 6. One day the horses followed the sound of
                   a radio                                           a music box                                  a guitar
 7. The box was shaped exactly as
           shoes                                                      a horse shoe                                      a unicorn