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Test your knowledges

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Test your knowkedges.


1. Fill in the correct word from the list.

priceless storeys imprisoned carved accuracy features appetite manager outfit nose reputation quick artistic vain basement unfortunately

1. She's so  that she looks at herself in every mirror she sees.

2. The stopwatch is known for its .

3. Ben's facial  suggest that he's a very generous man.

4. Jake was  for his part in the robbery.

5. Jenny has a huge  for adventure.

6. I'd like to go to the party, but  I have to work.

7. Jean will be the  of our new office in Florida.

2. Fill in preposition.

1. She is not poor.  fact she is quite rich.

2. Lee loves his collection  stamps.

3. The teacher shouted  the naughty boy.

4. Rita lives far  her family.

5. I am looking forward  visiting China next summer.

6. Sam enjoys travelling  train.


3. Fill in: who,which, whose, where

1. This is the boy  started at school today.   2. This is the book  Martha lent me. 3. Go to the cafe  we first met.  4. I saw the film  won all the Oscars. 5. This is the man  works in the factory. 6. She is the girl  father is a policeman.

4. Choose the correct item.

1. You  put posters on the walls if you want to.  A must B can C do not have to

2. Look at the sign! You  be quiet in here. A must B can not C can

3. If Sue comes to the party, she  a great time. A has B had C will have

4. Celia is younger  her sister. A from B by C than

5. Italy is  country I have ever visited. A beautiful B more beautiful C the most beautiful

6. John met his new boss  is only thirty years old. A which B whose C who

7. She did not talk to  at school. A anybody B nobody C somebody

8. You look pale. You  see a doctor. A can B should C can not

9. Julie works  than Jennifer. A harder B hardest C hard

10. When you  water, it boils. A will heat B heat C are heating


5. Read the article and fill in the sentences which have been removed. One sentence does not match.

Most people enjoy going to the seaside in summer, but no one likes to go to a dirty or polluted beach.  . Firstly, there should be rubbish bins provided on the beaches. . Also, these bins should be emptied every day so rubbish does not build up. . What is more, people who are caught dropping litter should pay a fine of $100.  . On the other hand, some people believe that the local council should pay somebody to make sure the beaches are kept clean. . In my opinion, if we each do what we can, this money can go to other things to improve our towns. All in all, I believe people should look after their own beaches. If we all take our rubbish home or put it in the bin, our beaches will be nice, clean places for us to enjoy and be proud of.

A In this way they would not drop litter again.

B Sometimes this is all people need to remind them to take their rubbish home.

C So, what can we do to make sure our beaches are nice and clean?

D However, this will cost a lot of money.

E In this way visitors will have somewhere to put their rubbish.

F In my opinion, factories that pollute beaches should pay a large fine.