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Confusing words - part 62

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Confusing words – part 62


Did the evidence prove that it was the appellant who injected the ?

The bush looked badly , with black marks on all the leaves.

She felt tears gathering in the corners of her eyes as she thought about her recently grandmother.

Even if predators don't kill the animal, hunger surely will.



When the rain came down the crowds started to .

The local authorities annually between £10 million and £15 million on arts projects.

Can you be responsible for these notices everywhere around town, please?

The funds are through banks to the schools' accounts.



'I think I'll have a ’, he said, closing his eyes.

The larger part of the figures of deer represent the , which have no antlers.

While counting, I resist the temptation to fall asleep, but eventually, I off.

He cooks a lot Alex. He far more than me.



You don't seem very about the party - don't you want to go tonight?

He says that he is thoroughly by the response of people today.

They were tired, but not any less on that account.

But he has not people enough by offering that extra edge that makes people think positively about us.



Not for the first time, he his team: ‘That was poor, very poor.

I any policy that interferes with the rights and freedoms of others.

I found that I didn't much miss Ireland as such, and in fact in many ways I it.

The president the Western press for their biased views.



Subscribers and practitioners of these beliefs were deemed at the time to be ‘properly schooled in science.

We place our trust in doctors, but they are like everyone else.

This method is more than most because it depends on careful and accurate timing.

If you stop to think about it, this argument is totally .



Planes bombed the guerrilla positions yesterday in an attempt to snipers from underground tunnels.

These plans need to be with some more figures.

We used a dog to the rabbits .

details of the move will be at a press conference today.’



The worthy took pity on him and gave him a clean white shirt of his own.

I've just bought a deep-fat for cooking chips.

On his saying that he wished to see the Roger, the priest was shown into a waiting room, where the monk soon joined them.

Place the ring moulds in the until golden brown, about one minute.



He took her aside and I that he was offering her a job.

Simon Rattle will be the conductor with the London Symphony Orchestra.

I still haven't told my family, although I suspect they've already .

"Can I try out your new bicycle?" "Be my ."

No apartments were available and most hotels permitted a to stay only 5 days.



A line of trees at the bottom of the garden the ugly factory walls.

If we turn left at the next junction, we should the main road after five miles or so.

They could see that I was terrified, and me until the coast was clear.

Three soldiers were killed by friendly fire when a mortar bomb their truck.

She her face under the collar of his jacket and she started to cry.

I've been having lots of short nights lately and today the lack of sleep has suddenly me.