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Confusing words - part 66

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 Confusing words – part 66


They had a of opinion about their child's education.

She covered her head in to Muslim custom.

Is there any significant in quality between these two items?

But a loss of is very different from a loss of respect for other people.

Well, you could try apologizing to her - for all the it will make.



Beatrice's apology was more gracious, and she was visibly by her father's manner.

You may feel a little for a few days after the operation.

Well, he's just made it clear that you've succeeded in him and his crew.

Yet what small are those compared to this woman's situation.



Health and education were the issues of the last general election.

You often find that one person at a meeting.

My preference is for a pluralistic world, not by any single power.

United's 3-0 defeat underlined the fact that they were no longer the side in the league.



One of Oscar Wilde's most frequently quoted is "I can resist everything except temptation"

The to the book is from Northanger Abbey.

It is a book of hard-won wisdom and stark pleasure in the form of 500 lyrical aphorisms and .

The satirical structure and style of the novel are suggested by an from Mark Twain's travel book.



He had been money from the old lady for years.

With a pointing finger, he the crowd of young law students to stop the assault on the powerless.

Police have not so far been able to a confession from the people accused of the bombing.

He lauded the school for encouraging sports and young sportsmen to make strides in sports and academics.



Given his age, he's a remarkably runner.

I only had time for a glance at the paper this morning.

The train stops at fewer stations and travels to London takes less than an hour.

I tried to catch him but he was too for me.

The police car was going so , it must have been chasing someone.

And we are going to need to get it back in order as as possible.



She's very hot and shivery, so I think she must have .

The idea not only seemed illogical, it also in the face of what the Government was trying to achieve in the first place.

The side door of the pub open and three men burst in.

The bird through the window and landed on the head of someone suffering from .

Older boilers send a lot of the heat they generate out of the into the air.

The horse smoothly along the ground, her muscles moving in perfect synchronization with each other.



Did the kids enjoy their trip to the zoo?" "Oh, yes, they were of it when they got back this afternoon.

Her new book has received praise from the critics.

Our guests were in their compliments about the food.

Since he got his new job, he's been very of his own importance.



The men who arrived in the of drug dealers were actually undercover police officers.

With a roster of tough who have some scoring touch, you should have a good team to compete.

The company has been accused of trying to sell their products under the of market research.

That way their hinders are covered if they don't manage to stop the bad in time.



You could always a dress for the ball if you can't afford to buy one.

A greater proportion of people with first degrees are now going on to study for degrees.

We ought to a public relations consultant to help improve our image.

He's decided to go freelance and himself out as a technical writer.

Her emotions soared even at his words, until her tears overflowed.

They were going to have to pay a price if they wanted to the car for longer than a week.