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There be and preposition test

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English Test

Look at the picture and answer the questions: 
Choose the right option to complete the sentences with the prepositions. 

1- There is a rug _________________ the sofa and the TV.


2- There is a shower _____________ the bath ___________ the bathroom.


3- There is a clock __________ the wall ___________ the window.


4- There are some maps _________ the attic __________ the sofa.


5- There is a lamp ___________ the desk __________ the attic.


6- There are some curtains _______________ the window ___________the living room.


7- There is a fridge ___________ the kitchen _______________ the cooker.


8- There is a bed ____________ the bedroom ______________ two lamps.


9- There is a bike _______________ the sofa _____________the attic.


10- There is a picture _______________ the bed ___________ the bedroom.


II. Choose there is or there are to complete each sentence.

1-  a table in the living room.

2-  two chairs under the table.

3-  some clothes in the closet.

4-  two pillows on the bed.

5-  a mirror in the bathroom.

6-  a rug in the bedroom

7-   two plants in the living room

8- chair in the attic,

9-  bags in the closet,

10-   two lamps in the bedroom.

III. Choose the right option to complete each sentence according to the picture.

1-  any cushions on the sofa.

2-  a lamp between the sofa and the armchair? Yes, there is.

3-  some shoes on the shelves in the closet.

4-  any table in the kitchen.

5-  some pans on the cooker.

6-  a sofa in the bedroom.

7-  a kitchen towel above the sink in the kitchen.

8-  any chairs in the kitchen.

9-  a towel in the bathroom.

10-   a telephone in the living room.