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Present Perfect vs Present Simple vs Past Simple

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Present Perfect vs Present Simple vs Past Simple
If the action happened at an INDEFINITE or UNFINISHED time, or continues from the past till the present, we use Present Perfect (I have seen).
If the action happened at a finished time, or we are interested in the details around the action (when, where, how), we use Past Simple (I saw).
If it is a habit, but we do NOT mention when it started, we use Present Simple (I see).
Complete the sentences with the appropriate form.
  1. I usually home at 6.00pm but yesterday I back much later.

  2. How long in Kansas? - I there for a year, and then I to Miami.

  3. He Susan last week, but I her twice this week.

  4. abroad? No, I , but I to visit South America

  5. How long here? He here for 6 years. He's our best student.

  6. Mary  to church every Sunday, but she last Saturday.

  7. breakfast yet? - Yes, I a glass of milk two hours ago.

  8. They long letters every day, but they two this week.

  9. We are going to the concert tomorrow, but we the tickets yet.

  10. When back from vacation? - We yesterday.

  11. on an exchange program? - Yes, she in India for two weeks last year.

  12. How long in Oxford? - I here since the beginning of October.

  13. We  to bed yet. We to bed this early on weekends.

  14. How long that car? - I it two years ago.

  15. Look! I  this wallet! - Oh, where it?