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A grasshopper spent the summer singing gaily . He woke up late in the morning and went to bed late at night. He had such fun.

Her next door neighbour was an ant. The ant worked all the time. She collected seeds, breadcrumbs, grains of sugar and carried them to her� house.

The grasshopper used to mock her. Why don't you sit and sing with me a little?" she asked.

The ant answered "Let me work. It will be winter soon."
"Why, winter is still so far away" �laughed the grasshopper.

Then winter came and he grasshopper couldn't find anything to eat, not even a morsel of bread.

He went to knock at the ant's door.

"Could you lend me some wheat?" she pleaded.

"How did you spend the summer, while I was working?" asked the ant

"I sang night and day."

"You sang? So now dance."

A young lamb was drinking at a mountain stream. It was a beautiful day and the lamb was full of happiness. An old hungry wolf was looking around hoping to find a sheep for dinner .

Suddenly he saw the tender lamb and angrily spoke to him.

"How do you dare spoil my water. Don't you see I'm drinking?"

The lamb was very scared but he replied:

"How can I spoil your water? I'm drinking, it's true, but I'm in a much lower position than you are. I'm at least twenty paces lower."

"Well, you spoilt my water a year ago, I remember that very well." Said the angry wolf.

"Sir, I was not yet born, a year ago, believe me."

"It was your brother then!" The wolf accused

"I have no brother."

"Well, well ,it's all the same, it was some one of your name."

And without another word, the wolf attacked the lamb and ate him

1 The wolf was hungry.

2 The wolf was old __

3 The lamb was very scared

4 The lamb had arrived at the stream first.__

5 the lamb was two years old.

6 It was a beautiful day.

7 The lamb had no brother.

8 The wolf wanted to eat the lamb at all costs.

9 The lamb was so afraid he could not speak

10 The moral is �If you arestrong you are right".


1The grasshopper spent a lovely summer.

2 The ant was his neighbour.

3 The ant worked only in the morning.

4 The grasshopper told the ant to relax.

5 The ant sang with the grasshopper.

6 The ant collected food for the winter

7In winter the ant was hungry

8 The grasshopper found food in winter.

9 The ant was a generous friend.

10 The grasshopper spent a terrible winter.__

11 The moral is �Think ahead. Winter comes.�

1 The grasshopper spent his days singing.

2 The wolf saw the lamb.


3 The grasshopper mocked the ant.


4 The wolf wanted to eat the lamb.


5 The lamb was very scared.


6 In Winter the grasshopper was hungry.


7 So now dance said the ant.


8The ant collected seeds.


9The wolf was old and hungry.


10The moral of the story is a teaching.

What _