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Adjective - Weather, Places and People

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B03 - Adjectives - Weather, Neighborhood, City, Country, Peaople's Appearance and Personaility.
1. How is the weather? 
 It is .       It is      It is .   
    It is .       It is 
         It is .     It is 
2. Answer these questions using the opposite like in the example.
A: Is your neighborhood big?       B: No, my neighborhood is small.  
A: Is your country safe?                B: No, .
A: Is your city far?                        B: No, .
A: Is your neighborhood cheap?   B: No, .
A: Is your city rich?                      B: No, .
A: Is your country clean?             B: No, .
A: Is your city old?                       B: No, .
3. Answer the question about the picture like in the example. DO NOT USE CONTRACTIONS.
A:  Is she ugly?                          B: No, she is not ugly, she is beautiful. 
A Is he ugly?                              B: No, .
A: Is he thin?                                                    B: No, .                        
A: Is she fat?                           B: No, 
A: Is he strong?                           B: Yes, .
A: Is she beautiful?                                 B: No, .
A: Is he strong?         B: No, .
4. Complete the sentences using the opposite adjective: 
nice, friendly, kind, happy, smart, modest, quiet, unfriendly, not nice, selfish, angry, stupid, arrogant, talkative 
My brother is not kind, he is .
My sister is not arrogant, she is .
My father is not unfriendly, he is .
My grandparents are not stupid, they are .
My son is not talkative, he is .
My children are not angry, they are .
My wife is not selfish, she is 
I hope you did well! Have a good day and see you next class!