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A. Circle the correct words.

1. The National Bank  last night.

2. Jake  the walls of his house tomorrow.

3. The letter was sent two weeks ago and it  yet.

4. Mrs Davis  her children to school at 8 o’clock every morning.

5. Debbie’s mother  her a jacket but she doesn’t like it.

6. A strange light  in the sky by many people last night.

7. By this time next month the house .

8. Paris  to be one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

9. They are  the winner of the competition any
minute now.

10. Decorations  when we arrived.

B. Rewrite the following sentences using the Passive Voice.

1. The teacher made the students clean the classroom during the break.
The students .

2. The chef is preparing the menu.
The menu .

3. I’m afraid that someone is following me.
I’m afraid that I .

4. James Cartis, the famous newsreader, will present the news from now on.
The news .

5. People think that swimming is the best way to keep fit.
Swimming .

6. The loud noise might wake the baby up.
The baby .

C. Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the words given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words including the word given.

1. He was very tired but he helped his father. despite
He helped his father tired.

2. That car was too big for me to drive. so
That car was couldn’t drive it.

3. He studies hard but he doesn’t get good marks. even
He doesn’t get good marks hard.

4. If I want to go to the Bahamas next year, I have to start saving some money. order
I have to start saving some money   to the Bahamas next year.

5. I’m going to the shop to return the MP4 player I bought because it doesn’t work. as
I’m going to the shop the MP4  player I bought because it doesn’t work.

D. Choose a, b, c or d.

(1) Ross Barrett is only fifteen years old, he is planning to start a Physics degree at the University of Gloucester next year. Ross lives in Colchester, Essex, with his parents and his
five-year-old sister, Tricia. All of Ross’ teachers believe he’s a really clever young man. At the moment he is studying hard so (2) he can pass his A-level exams in June. He wants to succeed (3) much that he has given up almost everything teenagers love; friends, TV, computer games. He gets up at 5am in (4) to study, and has breakfast at 7:30 when the rest of the family has woken up. Then he goes back to his room until 6pm. Studying all day would be impossible for most teenagers (5) Ross has no problem. His parents are really happy for him. ‘Ross simply loves what he’s doing. But he’s under (6) a lot of pressure that we’re a bit worried about whether he’ll be able to deal with it because he’s too young.’

1.  a. Even   b. Although   c. Whereas   d. In spite of

2.   a. that   b. as   c. much   d. as not

3.   a. such   b. so that   c. so as   d. so

4.  a. order   b. spite of   c. order not   d. despite

5.   a. in spite   b. although   c. but   d. even

6.   a. so   b. so as   c. such   d. such as

E. There is a mistake in each of the sentences below. Find it and correct it.

1. All the furniture in my room bought from the same shop last year. 

2. My mother is driven me to school every morning.

3. I’ve read this article such many times that I know it very well.

4. Something must do to help save the environment.

5. He didn’t study very hard; he did well in the exams although. 

6. English is spoken from lots of people around the world nowadays.

7. I left work early so as don’t to be late for dinner.