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Alfredīs Daily Routine

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Alfred's daily routine

Alfred is an American boy. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He lives with his family in a modern house. He is eleven years old and he has got a brother, David and a sister, Emma.

He starts his day at about half past seven. He gets up, takes a shower, brushes his teeth and gets dressed. Then he has breakfast and at a quarter to eight he leaves home and catches the bus to school.

Classes start at half past eight. He usually has lunch at the school canteen at half past twelve. After school, at a quarter past five, he goes home. He does his school homework then he helps his mum in the kitchen. At half past seven the family have dinner.

He usually watches TV after dinner and at about ten o’clock he brushes his teeth, puts on his Spider Man pyjamas and goes to bed.

1. True or false

1. Alfred is an American boy.  

2. He lives in a modern flat.  

3. He is eleven years old.  

4. He has got two brothers.  

5. Alfred wakes up at eight o’clock. 

6. He walks to school.  

7. His classes begin at half past eight.  

8. Alfred and his family have dinner at half past seven.  

12. Answer the questions:

1.Where does Alfred live?

2. What’s his sister’s name? 

3. What time does he get up? 

4. Does he have breakfast at home? 

5. What time does he leave home?