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Final test. ( elementary )

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Final test. ( elementary )

Vocabulary.   Tongue

Choose the correct item.

1. Fred is my  rabbit.                                                       A. fine     B. pet     C. fun

2. These pineapples are a  each.                                      A. change     B. bunch     C. pound
3. There's a park in my .                                                  A. street     B. neighborhood     C. address
4. Kate plays golf in her  time.                                         A. holiday     B. play     C. free
5. Paul lives on the  floor.                                                A. third     B. three     C. thirteen
6. Trevor works in a hospital. He is a                              A. doctor     B. teacher     C. vet
7. There are lots of  in the museum.                                 A. theaters     B. palaces     C. statues
8. Tina never lies to people. She is .                                A. kind     B. honest     C. clever
9. There are lots of  tall  in the city.                                 A. shops     B. buildings     C. streets
10. There are four bedrooms .                                       A. upstairs     B. down     C. outside
11. This flat is great. When can I  in?                              A. move     B. come     C. be
12. The  is $100 a week.                                               A. room     B. rent     C. house
13. He lives on a  on the river.                                       A. farmhouse     B. house     C. houseboat
14. How many  of bread do we want?                          A. kilos     B. loaves     C. rolls
15. A jockey works at a(n) .                                        A. zoo     B. racecourse     C. aquarium
16. A giraffe has got a  neck.                                       A. long     B. short     C. small
17. A dentist looks after people's .                              A. eyes     B. legs     C. teeth
18. Summer is my favorite .                                       A. week     B. month     C. season
19. A hairdresser  hair.                                               A. helps     B. cuts     C.works
20. A pear is a  .                                                        A. fruit     B. vegetable     C. dessert

Grammar.   Clap

Choose the correct item.

21.  Maria from Poland?                                     A. Am     B. Isn't     C. Is

22. Alan  a big family.                                         A. is     B. has got     C. can
23. What's  name?                                              A. she     B. her     C. hers
24. He always gets up early  the morning.            A. on     B. at     C. in
25. John  run fast.                                               A. is     B. has got     C. can
26. That is  house.                                              A. their     B. theirs     C. they
27.  some children in the park.                            A. There is     B. There are     C. They are
28. Her birthday is  1st March.                           A. at     B. in      C. on
29. There are some chairs  the dining room.        A. in     B. at     C. on
30. Martha  goes to the cinema. She loves it.      A. never     B. often     C. sometimes
31.  Jemma and Steven from Canada?                A. Am     B. Are     C. Is
32. What's  address?                                          A. you     B. your      C. you're
33. Have you got  pet?                                       A. a     B. an     C. the
34. Jake  play football.                                       A. isn't     B. doesn't     C. don't
35. This is my house.  a big house.                      A. Its     B. It's     C. It

Communication.  Thumbs Up

Match the questions to the answers.

36. Who is this?                                                     A. It's half past six.

37. How are you?                                                  B. I surf the net.
38. How much are those jeans?                             C. At the baker's.
39. What do you do in your free time?                   D. This is my brother, Peter.
40. What does your pet look like?                         E. It's David Green.
41. What's your address?                                      F. I'm fine. Thanks.
42. What's your favorite sport?                            G. It's got a big body, long legs and a long tail.
43. Where can I buy some bread?                         H. They're $30.00.
44. Excuse me. What time is it?                             I. Basketball.
45. What's your name?                                         J. 16 Queen Street.