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                                             I LIKE SPORTS       
 1. Here are the names of 5 sports played with the round ball. Think hard about the size of the ball it's played with and put these sports in the right order starting with the one that's played with the smallest ball. 
                                                  FOOTBALL -  BASEBALL  -  BASKETBALL  -  GOLF  -  TENNIS
1.          2.           3.          4.            5.  
2. Unscramble to get the name of the sport. Be careful                    
Example:  R G B U Y   -   RUGBY  
1. N T I N S E -                    2. B L L F T O O A -                 3. A B S E K T L L A B -    
4. F O G L -                               5. B L L A B S A B -                 6. L A L B H A D N -     
3. Which of these sports are played with a ball. Think hard and tick the boxes with the correct answer. 
4.  WORDSEARCHHave fun searching for 11 sports you can find on this worksheet. It's a double search challenge :) Just click on the letters one by one and they will go green if you are correct or red if you have to try again.                                 


 When you finish all of the exercises, please double check everything and then click the 'DONE' button. You will immediately see your result and you can even see the correct answers. If you are not very satisfied with your score, you should give it another go. Try again! I'm sure you'll do better :)