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The Lion and the Mouse

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The Lion and the Mouse 
The afternoon 1very calm and sunny in the forest and the lion, after a rich lunch,
2. a wonderful nap. A silly mouse 3running up and down on his body 
until the lion �4 one eye and 5  the mouse in his big paws . 
He 6�. him when the mouse 7 him with a cry. 
�King, my king, 8me, I will never do it again. It was very silly of me.�
�Why 9you go? You 10my sleep!� answered the lion. 

11, and I 12 you sooner or later.� said the mouse.

The lion was so amused at the idea of the small mouse13 .him that

he 14 his paw and let him go.

Some time later the lion 15in a trap by some hunters who 16. to carry him a

live to the king�s palace.
When the mousepassed by they 17. him to a tree with a rope
and 18 in search of a wagon to drive him away.

The mouse 19his old friend.

He immediately started to gnaw the rope with great alacrity.

In a short time he20the king of all the animals and 21 his promise.

He was very very happy. And so was the lion.

Ex 2 Say if these sentences are true or false

1 The lion had had a very good lunch.
2 He was sleeping peacefully

3 A mouse wanted to scare him.

4 The lion swallowed the mouse immediately.
5 The lion saved the mouse�s life because he was amused.
6 The mouse was very lucky.
7 One day the mouse was caught ina net.
8 The hunters caught the lion and killed him.
9 The mouse was able to help his friend.

Ex. 3 In Aesop�s fables animals are presented with typical qualities. Match them to animals

1 The Fox������ aproud

2 the Hare����� bpatient

3 the Lion����� c�� cunning

4 the Wolf����� dcruel

5 the Bull������ etimid

6 the Horse��� fbold��

1 , 2 , 3 ,4 ,5 ,6

Ex. 4 Make questions to the following answers
1 The lion was.


2 By running up and down on him


3 �I will never do it again�


4 Because he was very amused.


5 Some time later


EX. 5 Answer the following questions (as homework)
1 What was lion doing one afternoon?

2 What did the mouse start doing?

3 How did the lion react?

4 How did the mouse address the lion?

5 What did the mouse promise to do?

6 What happened to the lion later on?

7 How did the mouse help him?

8 How did the mouse feel?