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1. Match the expressions on the left with their definitions on the right.
1. carbon emissions 
a. when carbon dioxide gas reacts with seawater to produce acid
2. rise in the sea level
b. an activity that is planned, agreed upon, arranged, and carried out by people who act together
3. species extinction
c. gas in the atmosphere which is produced by vehicles and industrial processes
4. ocean acidification
d. unusually hot or cold weather
5. weather extremes
e. when the level of the ocean's surface goes up       
6. food security
f. having reliable access to sufficient food
7. concerted action
g. when an animal or plant species dies out
2. Choose the right option to complete the sentences.
1. Without  , temperatures will continue to rise in the next 100 years.
2. If temperatures rise by 4°C, there will be a  of over one meter and this will damage cities on the coast.
3. Driving cars instead of walking or taking public transportation increases the level of  in the atmosphere.
4. Many serious problems in the ocean are caused by . This decrease in the pH of the Earth's oceans worries scientists a lot.
5. We can expect to experience more and more  such as heat waves and winter storms in the next few years.
6. Some experts worry that without access to enough food and water, there will be an increase in conflict. They think that decreased  is one of the biggest consequences of global warming.
7. We need to take concerted action or else we'll face  at ever greater rates. Can you imagine a world without elephants, tigers and many important plants?