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Basics - Progress Test

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Repetition Basics - Elementary Level

word order, questions, some / any, Present Simple, to be and to do, plural forms
Surname: Rogers
First name: Paul
Country: Britain
Age: 28
Address: 38 Kensington Highstreet, Stouth Kensington
Job: Plumber
Place of work: Drops & Co.
Married: yes
Free time: playing football
Write the questions
Example: His first name is Paul. => What's his first name?
His surname is Rogers.   ?
He's from Britain.  ?
He's a plumber.  ?
He's 28.  ?
He likes playing football.  ?
Yes, he's married.  ?
38 Kensington Highstreet.  ?
At Drops & Co.  ?
Word order
Example: from where come do you? => Where do you come from?
like do watching on I films TV not  .
is a railway station here near there?  ?
Henry train goes work to by.  .
I have can a coke please?  ?
how books many do have you?  ?
do what you in evenings the on do weekdays  ?
some there students in the are classroom.  .
really fish eating like do you  ?
any cars street on the green there are  ?
are some there in fridge the eggs  .
teacher in live London my wife his and  .
at what  usually you do do weekends  ?
the who men in classroom our are  ?
Nelly come does where from  ?
Laura like summer why does  ?
Which parts of the questions fit best in order to get  reasonable sentences?
Example: Who ¦ do you meet ¦ on Fridays ?
Who   ?
What   ?
How   ?
What time   ?
Where   ?
some, any, a, an
Complete the sentences with some, any, a or an
There aren't  books on the shelf.
Are there  children on the train?
Where is  doctor?
There's  island on the left side of the ship.
 people think that this is a boring exercise.
Are there  people who like reading Shakespeare?
Why aren't there  plates on the table?
Do you have  interesting books for me?
There are  gloves in the drawer.
My son doesn't watch  actions films.
My daughter reads  comics in her free time.
Roger buys  CDs at the record shop.
Olivia doesn't have  car.
We don't know  Canadians.
Present Simple
Complete the text with the correct form of the verb in brackets.
Mike and Rosy   (be) siblings. They  (have) a lot in common. But there  (be) a lot of differencies between the two of  them, of course. Rosy  (go) to work by car and Mike  (travel) by train. She  (do not) like watching TV, whereas he always  (watch) TV in the evenings. He  (like) having a lie-in but Rosy  (be) an early bird. When they  (visit) their mother Mike always  (talk) about his job and Rosy  (show) the newest pictures on her mobile.
Plural forms
Write these sentences in the plural.
Example: He's a plumber. => They are plumbers.
The bus isn't there.  .
She's my friend.  .
Does he have a bike?  ?
This house is lovely.  .
The student flies back to his country.  .
That woman is my aunt.  .
This child has a teacher with grey hair.  .
In my class there is a letter box.  .
Your dictionary isn't expensive.  .
There is a person in the house.  .
I have a wish.  .
The chef doesn't have a computer in his kitchen.  .