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Collections and Collectors

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Collections / Collectors


Charlie was a teaching  and Louis was a  when they met. They’ve been married for about  years and they’ve been to  countries. They are  the collection to Arizona State University. A very large number of entomologists are .

Jim Phillips collects deer antlers. He  all these animals to get the antlers. He just would go to the forest,  the antlers,  them and bring them home. He keeps the antlers in a .


Naveen Jian  the collection about 5 years ago and they say it’s one of the largest ones in  .


Harvard Pigment collection has a lot of very  and very  colours. One of the most unusually named pigments is called . It gives a very bright  pigment. The rarest colour they have is an entire ball of . It is made of the dried urine of cows that  only on mango leaves. A lot of pigments are really , so you don’t want to handle the pigments and then  to lunch.


If Elizabeth meets something that she really likes, she makes it . She grew up with her  in Nova Scotia and she wanted to be an artist. She started  green when her dad invited her to visit Florida. It was really  for her. It’s been about 20 years she continued to wear green, because the way she dresses  other people . When you’re young you tend to think you look  in black. As you get older you realize colours are so much . Elizabeth will continue to be green because it is so .