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Twilight - Biology Class

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First read the sentences then watch the video and do the exercises:
Choose the correct answer.
�1. "Hello, I'm sorry _____________ to introduce myself last week. I'm Edward Cullen. You're Bella?"
I didn't have the time�� I didn't get a chance����������� I didn't dare
2. What did they examine during class?
Onion root tip cells.� � Apple seed insides.������������� Ginger root tip cells.
3.�"Do you mind if I ________?"
check����������������������� �look��������������������������������� � watch
4.�Was Bella right with the firstly examined material?
No, she wasn't.��������� Yes, she was.��������������������� We don't know.
5.�"If you�hate the cold and rain so much, why'd you move to ______________?"
the coldest place in the complete U.S:?����������������������� the wettest place in the continental U.S.?������ the wettest place in the complete U.S.?
6. "It's complicated." - "I'm sure I can ___________."
keep up������������������ ��keep on������������������������������ keep it
7. Why did Bella move to Folks?
her mum remarried�� �her mum wanted it��������������� �her mum reinforced it
8. Why didn't Bella check the third material with the equipment?
she trusted Edward�� she didn't know how����������� she didn't care
9. "Why didn't you move with your mother and Phil?"�- �"Well, Phil's a minor league _____________ and he travels a lot.
basketball player����� handball player�������������������� baseball player
10. Who decided about Bella's moving?
her mother did������ � she did���������������������������������her dad did
Answer the questions with no more than 4 words.
1. What is the first partners going to win?
2. Why was Edward out of town for a couple of days?
3. What was Edward asking Bella about?
4. Does Bella like her step father?
5. What colour were Edward's eyes last time?