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Twilight - Biology Class

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First read the sentences then watch the video and do the exercises: 
Choose the correct answer.
 1. "Hello, I'm sorry _____________ to introduce myself last week. I'm Edward Cullen. You're Bella?"
I didn't have the time   I didn't get a chance            I didn't dare
2. What did they examine during class?
Onion root tip cells.    Apple seed insides.              Ginger root tip cells.
3. "Do you mind if I ________?"
check                         look                                    watch
4. Was Bella right with the firstly examined material?
No, she wasn't.          Yes, she was.                      We don't know.
5. "If you hate the cold and rain so much, why'd you move to ______________?"
the coldest place in the complete U.S:?                        the wettest place in the continental U.S.?       the wettest place in the complete U.S.?
6. "It's complicated." - "I'm sure I can ___________."
keep up                     keep on                               keep it
7. Why did Bella move to Folks?
her mum remarried    her mum wanted it                 her mum reinforced it
8. Why didn't Bella check the third material with the equipment?
she trusted Edward   she didn't know how            she didn't care
9. "Why didn't you move with your mother and Phil?" -  "Well, Phil's a minor league _____________ and he travels a lot.
basketball player      handball player                     baseball player
10. Who decided about Bella's moving?
her mother did         she did                                 her dad did
Answer the questions with no more than 4 words.
1. What is the first partners going to win?
2. Why was Edward out of town for a couple of days?
3. What was Edward asking Bella about?
4. Does Bella like her step father?
5. What colour were Edward's eyes last time?