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Twilight - The Forest Scene

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Watch the video, do as many exercises as you can and then watch the video again.

Exercise one
"You're impossibly  and .
Your skin is  white and   cold.
Your eyes  colour.
And sometimes you speak like you're from a  time.
You never  or drink anything. And you don't go out in the .
How  are you?"   -        "17"    -    "How long  seventeen?"
"A while."    -     "I  what you are."
" it!    Out ! it!"
"Vampire."    -   "Are you ?" - "NO!"
"Then ask me the most  question. What do we ?"
"You won't  me."
Exercise two (Answer the question or finish the answers)
1. Why are they going up the mountain? - Because Edward want Bella to see what .
2. According to Bella: What is his skin like? - It's like .
3. According to Edward: It's the skin of a .
4. According to Edward: What does Bella believe? - She believes the .
5. What invites Bella in? - Everything about Edward, his , his and even his .
6. Has Edward ever killed people before? .
7. Did he want to kill Bella? .
8. Why did he want to kill her? He never wanted a  so much in his life.
9. Does she believe in Edward? .
10. Why is Edward's family different from others of their kind? Because they only hurt animals and they learned .