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The Butler - sit in scene

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Do question 1 first!Then Watch the video and do the activities
1. Anticipation: complete with the words   (before watching the video). Type the words in the blanks
       section -   waiter -   counter -   manager   -   diner   (attention: pas diNNer qui est le dîner mais diNer qui est le restaurant typiquement américain qu'on voit dans les films, quand on mange des burgers et des shakes)
 In the USA, you can get food in a restaurant called . you can sit at the or in any sitting (= area). Then you can say what you want to eat = you can food. The person who serves you is called a . If you have a problem with the food or with the waiter, you can ask for the person who leads the diner = the
2.  Concentrate ONLY on the scene at the restaurant
a. --> 00:28 Check Where are they going?  to a supermarket  to a diner to the library
b.--> 00:50  Complete Where are they sitting? Where should they sit? 
c. 1:04  Choose The waitress is saying "You know you all 
                          Louis (the black student) is replying " We
 d. --> 01:30 How do the people react?
 The people at the counter are  defiant   aggressive determined cheerful
 The people in the diner are  taken aback (= surprised. abasourdi)   motionless  responsive 
e. 01:41 The waitress decides to
  The man says
 f. --> 02:35 Write in your notebook How do the people react?  ___
 g. --> 04:17 What are the young whites doing? Describe what is happening. ___
 h. What happens in the end? How do you feel? ___
3. Watch again the whole extract and concentrate on the students with James Lawson
a. What are the students doing with James Lawson? Why? ___
L2 Why do they have to role-play first?  ____
b. Listen to James' speech and check the right answers
- Alright kids. Show time.
- Gandhi has  for us that the brown man, in his native , or anywhere that he's being ...can pull himself out of with , with persistence,with intelligence and , with discipline... ...and a bit of a sense of .
      - This is unprecedented,what we're about,but it needs a that none of us have  ever seen.
       - We are . We have a with every group.We have lookouts with pocket change and  the local phone numbers for ready, and when one wave comes off that lunch  counter, what follows?A whole 'nother wave of Negro students sitting at that lunch counter, blowing their mind.
       - Now, who to role-play?
       - This is an . So do whatever it takes to their spirits.
      -  Use the .I need to hear "nigger" coming out of your. “ don't comfortable saying that”You came here to get yourself and to get her prepared. So let me it now. “Nigger.”  Louder. Say the like you mean it. “Nigger.” Louder. “You are a nigger!”
       - “You are a nigger.”Make her it.I don't believe you.
FACULTATIF: you can sum up the speech in French. Tu peux résumer le speech en français. Attention, pas de traduction littérale mais un récapitulatif.