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Reported speech worksheet preview
Reported speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

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Reported Speech Sentence Transformations

Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs worksheet preview
Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs

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Reported Speech exercises
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REPORTED SPEECH all you need to know about
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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Third Year Students
Technological Streams 2003/2004

Exercise Three: Rewrite these sentences using reported speech.
1) "I live in an old house in the country," she told me.
ClapShe told me that she lived in an old house in the country.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††
2)†"I'm living with my parents," she said.
†† Clap
3)†"Iíve just finished school," he said.
†† Clap
4)†"I played football last week," he told us.
†† Clap
5)†"I was having a bath when the lights went out," he told me.
††† Clap
6)†"It will be cold and wet tomorrow," the weather man said.
†† Clap
7)†"I must go and have my hair done now," she said.
††† Clap
8)†"This is the last warning Iím going to give you," she said.
††† Clap
9)†"I still havenít read these books," she admitted.
†† Clap
10)†"I'll meet you here next week at the same time," he said.
†††† Clap

Exercise Four: Rewrite these sentences using direct speech. Complete the sentence.
1)†She said that she had seen the robber leave the bank.
Clap†She said, "."
2)†She told them to go to bed.
Clap†She told them, "!"
3)†He said he couldnít get to sleep that night.
Clap†He said, "."
4)†He told her that he would phone her the next day.
Clap†He told her, "."
5)†She asked him if he could phone her that evening.
Clap†"?" she asked him.
6) They said they had to get up early the following morning.
Clap†"," they said.
7)†They said that they didnít want to be late.
Clap†They said, "."
8)†She said she was going into town later that morning.
Clap†She said, "."
9)†He told them he had always wanted to play James Bond.
Clap†He told them, "."
10)†Pond said that he had been working at a tea company before he became a spy.
Clap†Pond said, "."

Exercise Five: Rewrite these questions using reported speech.
1)†"Do you like ice cream?" my aunt asked me.
ClapMy aunt asked me if I liked ice cream.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††
2)†"Where are you from?" the man asked me.
†† Clap.
3)†"Why donít you take up the piano?" my mum asked us.
4)†"Have you ever been to Disneyland?" she asked me.
†† Clap.
5)†"When did you last go to the dentist?" the teacher asked me.
†† .
6)†"Can you speak any other languages?" the woman asked us.
†† Clap.
7)†"Must you leave so soon?" I asked the girl.
8)†"Will we see some paintings by Picasso?" she asked me.
†† Clap.
9)†"Why do you wear jeans all the time?" he asked her.
†† Clap.
10)†"Did you enjoy the film?" she asked me.
†† Clap.

Exercise Six: Put the words in these indirect questions in the correct order.
1)†way railway Could me station? you tell the to the
ClapCould you tell me the way to the railway station †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ?
2) her Would why you took her you mind telling book?
†† Clap?
3)†who me if know tell painted picture? you that Can you
†† Clap?
4)†where comes from? you know Endelberg Do
†† Clap?
5)†the idea you time do any what is? have
†† Clap?
6)†to Can get you to tell post me how the office?
†† Clap?
7)†much Could England me a to how tell costs? you stamp
†† Clap?
8)†the you name know of the Do painted man Guernica? who
†† Clap?
9)†mind how you telling much you earn? Would me
†† Clap?
10)†idea how you have painting is worth? any much this do
†† Clap?





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