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Wild Animals (Sleeping Habits)

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Wild Animals (Sleeping Habits)
Watch the video and answer the following questions or tick the correct answer(s) :
How many animals are presented in the video ? 8 9 10 11
Which animals are NOT in the video ? elephants giraffes zebras horses cats lions
How long do giraffes sleep every day ? up to 15 minutes up to 30 minutes up to 45 minutes
Why ? because of predators because they are too tall for their beds !
How many meerkats can sleep together ? 20 30 40
Why ? to protect their babies to protect their leaders
Bears sleep during spring summer autumn winter
What activities don't they do during this season ? urinate drink sleep eat move breathe
How much weight (= poids) can they lose in one winter ? 1/8 1/4 1/3 1/2
What do frogs stop doing when they sleep during winter ? moving breathing their hearts stop beating living
What position do sperm whales sleep in ? standing on their hands standing on their head standing on their tails
How long do they sleep for ? 15 min 20 min 25 min 30 min
Desert snails can sleep for weeks for months for years for centuries
Giraffes Albatrosses Whales... can sleep while they fly !
Bears Meerkats Walruses... can sleep underwater !
Walruses can sleep up to 9 hours 19 hours 90 hours when they are not underwater / when they are on shore.
Horses sleep in a sitting lying standing position, but they sometimes stand up lie down for a nap
Which animals hibernate ? and
Which animals only take 5-minute naps ? and
Which animal can sleep for 20 hours a day ?!