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I. Fill in the blanks with which, who, whom, where, when, whose.
1. The first boy��knows the truth has just moved.

2. The only thing�makes me worried is how to go home.

3. The most beautiful girl lives city��long hair I like very much.

4. The children��have much free time often go swimming on Sundays.

5. I would like to live in a country�there is plenty of sunshine.

6. My classmate,�I wanted to see, was on holiday.

7. That�s the old lady��husband won the Nobel Prize.

8. We climbed to the top of the mountain��we had a picnic.

9. We don�t want to swim in the sea��looks very dirty.

10. He�s the painterlast exhibition was such a failure.

II. Use a relative pronoun preceded by a preposition to combine each pair of the sentences below:

  1. The teacher is Mr. Pike. We studied with him last year.

The teacher

  1. The problem has been discussed in class. We are very interested in it.

The problem

  1. I like standing at the window. I can see the park from this window.

I like

  1. The woman lives next door to me. You gave place to her on the bus.

The woman

  1. The examination lasted two days. I was successful in this examination.

The examination

  1. The children are orphans. She is taking care of these children.

The children�

  1. The two young men are not good persons. You are acquainted with them.

The two young men

  1. This is the result of our work. I�m pleased with it.

This is

  1. There is a �No Parking� sign. I do not take notice of it.

There is

  1. Mr. Brown is the man. I�m responsible to him for my work.
Mr. Brown