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Age: 9-12
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WATCH the video and answer the following questions


Extract 1 :

The girl’s name is 

Her favourite sport is 

Her favourite player is 

She lives in England but she has 


Extract 2 :

Why is her mother angry? 

 because she plays football with boys 
 because she wears shorts
 because she wears white clothes
 because she's getting dark playing in the sun. 

What does the girl want ?

 She wants to go out with her boyfriend.
 She wants a ticket for a football match. 
 She wants to play in a girls team. 

What does the mother want ?

 She wants her daughter to marry.
 She wants her daughter to learn how to cook Indian food
 She wants her daughter to stay home and never marry.
 She wants her daughter to have good school results. 
 She wants her daughter to stop playing football
What is her father’s opinion ?
 He agrees with his wife. 
 He thinks she must behave like a woman. 
 He thinks she should disobey her mother.