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Ruby Bridges - her story

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Ruby Bridges - her story
 Write the numbers in letters
1/  Ruby became a of the civil rights movement at only years old.
2/ Her parents are from and then moved to , where Ruby grew up.
3/ She was the black girl to attend William Frantz  school, which was a school for whites.
4/ Ruby's first day of school was on     (month) ,    (day)   (year) . She was    by US federal    who were protecting her against    .
5/  refused to teach her.  refused to be in the same class. Ruby had to spent year by herself. Her teacher was named , she came from  because no one on the South wanted to teach her.
6/ Ruby inspired Norman Rockwell, who "the problem we all live with" in 1964. This painting was in  (date) in the  (place) .
7/ Ruby met with .  He told her " If it hadn't been for you guys, I might not be and we wouldn't be looking at this "
8/ What does Ruby do today?
9/  Look up for words from the story