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Vertebrate animals

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1.- How many group of vertebrates are there?
2.- Reptiles have _____________ for respiration.
3.- How do vertebrates differ from invertebrates?
            They have a backbone.
            They have gills.
            They have tissues and organs.
            They are oviparous.
4.- If the animals eat both meat and plants. They eat ___________.
5.- Read and tick the true sentence.
            Herbivores only eat meat.
            Viviparous animals are born from eggs.
            Worms are vertebrates.
            Amphibians and mammals are vertebrates.
6.- Which animals breathe with gills?
7.- Which vertebrates breathe with lungs?
            Fish and mammals
            Reptiles and birds
            Amphibians and fish 
            Mammals and worms
8.- Which vertebrates have scales?
9.- Which vertebrates are warm- blooded?
            Amphibians and birds
            Fish and reptiles
            Mammals and birds
            Mammals and reptiles
10.- Birds have ___________________
            fins and scales.
            feathers and fur.
            gills and smooth skin.
            feathers and wings.