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Listening Part 1 - Level B1

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English Test(9th form End of Term 2 Test)(3 parts)Reading Comprehension: THE INTERNET/Grammar+Voc abulary/Writing(+Key )
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Listen to the video and answer the questions.
1.What did Kieran give Mick as a birthday present?
2.Which picture is the girl describing?
3.What subject is the teacher teaching?
4.What sport are the girls going to play?
Which picture shows Jake now?
5.What is Sally going to wear to the party?
6.How did the girl and her family travel to Brightland?
7.Which of the following is true?
8.Who are these guys in the picture with the girl?
9.Which building is the youngest and how old is it?
10.What happened last time Ann and May played tennis? 
11.Which of the following is NOT true?
12.What did Sally wear to the last party?
13.How did the girl and her family travel around Brightland?